Neema Livestock and Slaughtering Investments Limited

Quality Assurance

NLSIC's firm commitment to quality assurance. 

NLSIC’s firm commitment to quality assurance and the implementation of the highest food safety control measures throughout the entire supply chain guarantees the safest and most reliable meat products in the market.

Our reputation for accuracy and attention to detail is reflected by our loyal customer base. We buy from Kenya’s best livestock producers to supply the world with Kenya’s best, goat, lamb and beef.

NLSIC is committed to supplying a high quality product that can be relied upon for the measures of food safety, animal welfare and eating qualities. Constantly striving for continued improvement, we aim to exceed best practice through the adoption of technology and innovation, maintaining a highly trained work force, strengthening our reputation as an industry leader, and continuing to improve our understanding of the local and global meat market.

NLSIC takes pride in supplying high quality meat products that meets stringent national and international standards, where applicable. From primary and secondary producers throughout Kenya, through the entire supply chain, we apply strict measures to ensure quality meat. All meat products produced by NLSIC meet the stringent requirements necessary for Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification.

This certification system controls all critical points for food safety in the plant, requiring that specific safety controls be put in place at each point. This system is fully compliant with the Meat Safety Act and relevant regulations stipulating the adherence to Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPS) in all areas of the plant.

NLSIC brand is recognized by our customers for premium quality reliability and consistency.

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