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Neema Livestock and Slaughtering Investments Company Limited (NLSIC) commenced operations on 1st April 2015 upon fulfilling the relevant regulatory requirements for both the local and export markets. NLSIC operates from a modern processing facility built in the Lucky Summer area of Nairobi, Kenya.

We specialize in supplying excellent halal quality fresh meat directly from our abattoir and frozen meat products to customers in Kenya, the East African region and the Middle East. Our Halal meat products meet the highest standards for quality assurance and include Goat, Lamb and Beef. We aim to be competitive without compromising on the high standards, ethics and good practices implemented throughout our operations and services.

Over the years we have managed to attract an array of reputable clients that include major corporations and organizations both locally and internationally. This has been largely attributed to our strict adherence to quality management systems that ensure quality products at every stage through to the receipt of goods by our customers.

Our slaughter house has a daily capacity of 9,000 animals (small stock-lamb and goat) and 900 large stocks daily. We have a chilling and freezing capacity of 3000 small stocks and 10,000 kg for large stocks. This capacity can be increased on-demand and within a relatively short time.

A mosque is on-site to ensure that staff, customers, and the Muslim community at large are able to freely access and utilize the facility.