Neema Livestock and Slaughtering Investments Limited

Our Background

In 1973 a group of small-scale businessmen began slaughtering small stock at their doorsteps to meet the local demand for goat and sheep meat.  Their efforts through unconventional and done under extremely low hygienic conditions, saw the rise of the KIAMAIKO slaughterhouses; these were a group of individually owned slaughterhouses built in the sprawling Kismayo area.

The slaughterhouses never met the licensing requirements stipulated in the Meat Control Act, cap 356 of the laws of Kenya. The traders were thus advised to look for a suitable location to construct a proper slaughterhouse.

In 2010 16.5 acres was acquired in the Lucky Summer – Kasarani area. A total of 3000 small scale businessmen contributed an estimated 300 million Kenya Shillings towards the construction   of an   Ultra-modern, Halal slaughterhouse.

Neema Livestock Slaughter and Investments Company Ltd (NLSIC) was registered. The construction of the facility began in October 2012   and was completed   in December 2014, commencing operations on 1st April 2015.

Our History

For a long time, the small stocks (sheep and goats) market in Kenya has been largely ignored. Before recent times, there had been no deliberate effort by the main meat processing companies to invest in small stock facilities to meet the huge local demand for mutton (sheep meat) and chevron (goat meat).




Small-scale & unorganized

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Neema is Born