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Halal Compliance

All praise is for Allah, the exalted, may he send peace and blessing on prophet Muhammad S.A. W. Islam is a holistic way of life, considering physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing, each a separate. But overlapping part of the structure of a human being.


God Almighty created us with a purpose, to worship him and obeying his commandment but he did not abandon us to a world of instability and insecurity.


A human being must spend his life aiming to please his creator by worshipping him and obeying his laws and rules. To success of this aim depends on the Halal life system.

For meat to be certified “halal” it must not be from forbidden cuts such as meat from hindquarters for animals such as pork, horse donkeys etc.

ضرألا الالح ابیط الو اوعبتت تاوطخ ناطیشلا ھنإ مكل ودع نیبم

اھیأاي سانلا اولك امم یف

Quran phase says “O you believers eat from the earth Halal and good[clean]and don’t follow the footsteps of shaytan (devil). Halal is an Arabic word meaning” permissible”.in terms of food, it means food that is permissible according to Gods law.

There are certain guidelines to follow;


1 – Allahs [Gods]name must be pronounced audibly during slaughter

2 – The instrument must be very sharp to ensure humane slaughter and the animal must be slit at the throat.

3 – The animal must not be unconscious.

4 – The animal must be left to allow bleeding to death. Eating blood is not halal

5 – The animal must have been fed on natural diet that does not contain animal product.

6 – Those step must be accomplished by a Muslim.

For these laws to be adhered to the letter, we as Neema have a strong Halal board comprising of the Kenya Majlisul Ulamaa, Kenya Bureau of Halal and Supreme Council of Kenya Muslim. Their mandate is to ensure that this laws are followed according to the Quran and Prophet [S.A.W] practice

Halal Board of Advisors

Abdullatif Abdulkarim

Kenya Bureau of Halal

Ali Jimma

Majisul Ulamaa

Sheikh Muhidin

Halal Advisor

Mwinyi Haji

Halal Advisor