Neema Livestock and Slaughtering Investments Limited

Halal Compliance

We are 100% Halal compliant and certified and regularly inspected by the following halal bodies:-

  • Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims
  • Kenya Bureau of Halal
  • Halal Correct
  • Racs Quality Certificates Issuing Certificates LLC

We are also in compliance with the following UAE Standards

  • GSO 2055-2015; Halal products – Part one: General Requirements for Halal Food
  • GSO 1694; General Principles of Food Hygiene
  • GSO 21:1984; Hygienic regulations for food. Plants and their personnel
  • GSO 993:2015; Animal Slaughtering Requirements According to Islamic Rules

In addition, our staff are regularly advised and trained by halal board of advisors.

For these laws to be adhered to the letter, we as Neema have a strong Halal board comprising of the Kenya Majlisul Ulamaa, Kenya Bureau of Halal and Supreme Council of Kenya Muslim. Their mandate is to ensure that this laws are followed according to the Quran and Prophet [S.A.W] practice

Halal Board of Advisors

Abdullatif Abdulkarim

Kenya Bureau of Halal

Ali Jimma

Majisul Ulamaa

Sheikh Muhidin

Halal Advisor

Mwinyi Haji

Halal Advisor

Statutory & Regulatory Compliance

We are compliance with the laws of Kenya which include, among others:

  • Meat Control Act Cap 356, Laws of Kenya
  • Public Health Act Cap 242
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Labour Laws
  • Kenya Bureau of Standards
  • National Environmental Management Authority regulations
  • All other relevant statutory laws and regulations
  • County By-Laws

COVID-19 Compliance

We are also compliance with Covid-19 protocols as defined by World Health Organization
(WHO) & The Ministry of Health, Kenya (MoH) Regulations