Neema Livestock and Slaughtering Investments Limited

About Neema Livestock & Slaughtering

Neema Livestock and Slaughtering Investment Company (NLSIC) is a private limited company registered in the Republic of Kenya, established in 2015. We are a goat, lamb, and beef processor and marketer situated in the Lucky Summer area of Nairobi, Kenya.

During the period of our existence, a strong, experienced, and proactive management team, whose entrepreneurial culture, passion, and commitment to the industry have guided the company through tremendous growth. We have established ourselves as one of the largest meat processing companies in Kenya, and are highly regarded as ethical and quality goat, lamb, and beef suppliers.

The NLSIC brand is recognized by retailers and consumers for premium quality, reliability and consistency. We are very conscientious of our reputation and firmly embrace our ethics, employee’s welfare, financial performance, social responsibility, quality, and reliability. We always aim to be producer-directed and customer-focused.

Our Abattoir facility has a slaughter capacity of 9,000 small – lamb and goat, and 900 large stock per day. NLSIC is Halal approved and registered.

To be one of the world’s leading processors of quality Halal organic meat and meat products.

To source, process and market high quality Halal meat and meat products at competitive prices using efficient systems with the aim of empowering the pastoral communities economically.

To ensure that all our customers get the best service, products at reasonable prices and at the right time.

Our Core Values

Everything that we do is driven by our core values. They shape our culture and define the character of NLSIC. They guide how we behave and how we make decisions.


We keep our commitments and set out to consistently give our best. Through access to the main stakeholders who are the pastoral communities, NLSIC will be able to sustain a consistent supply of Livestock as the market demands.


We maintain a high level of excellence in our products and services.


We uphold honesty and strong ethics in everything we do.


We honour all our responsibilities and believe in excellent service

Customer - Oriented

We understand the needs of our customers and suppliers and provide open and clear channels of communication.

Our People

Working together to improve our business through our people.

Our employees make us an industry leader. NLSIC has thrived as a result of the determination, innovation and hard work of its employees.

We recognize that the ability to meet and exceed our goals comes from the people who really drive the business; from the employees who help produce a quality product on the front lines of our production facility to those in management making strategic business decisions.